PILOT 2020

Being a community of Futurists and Forward Thinkers, we want to try things differently. 
We believe everyone should have access to information and valuable content. Hence, our community was free and accessible from the start. However, we are now in a position where we need to outsource a few tasks and refinance the monthly software licensing fees. Therefore, we created different membership options based on what we consider each content is worth.

Instead of limiting the content and access to those memberships, we want to keep all content accessible for everyone. Nonetheless, we want to ask you to subscribe self-disciplined and select the membership option that matches your interests, activities and user behaviour. This way, you get the chance to access events and content you may not be eligible for otherwise, but also give others the opportunity to access the content they may not be able to afford. By selecting the membership that best matches your consumption with your financial situation, you enable us to keep this community inclusive for everyone, as well as liveable and sustainable in the long run. 

If you choose to remain on our free membership but still want access to our premium content, please reach out to us via support@futures-space.com to discuss how you can support us in growing this community through a regular contribution in exchange. 

Until the end of 2020 you will have access to all of our events and content, we will then evaluate if this inclusive and trust-based process is feasible or if we need to switch to a conventional model where the type of membership fits the access. 

Through your support, you can ensure everyone can create the future together with us, let’s make this happen.